The downwind sail for use in the most demanding conditions! The sail developed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, designed with cutting-edge CAD technology and constructed from carefully chosen materials; The WINGAKER PERFORMANCE is an excellent choice for the cruising sailor, who wants the comfort and speed of sailing a large downwind sail in windspeeds of up to 20 knots.


Whether crossing the Atlantic, circling the globe, or just out for a day trip, the WINGAKER PERFORMANCE is the reliable companion for pure sailing ease and pleasure.


We have successfully manufactured sail sizes from 27m2 to 332m2. Individually calculated for your yacht, the WINGAKER PERFORMANCE provides an exceptional sailing experience and maximum safety in a wide range of conditions.




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The WINGAKER PERFORMANCE Sport utilizes the same fabric as the WINGAKER PERFORMANCE, but offers even better performance in light wind conditions due to the reduction of heavy reinforcements on the sail. To keep weight to a minimum, the leeches of the sail are reinforced by a special, low stretch Dyneema line and no metal grommets are used in the clews (up to a certain size), thus allowing the WINGAKER PERFORMANCE SPORT to perform exceptionally even in very low wind speeds.





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The current model is equipped with a wealth of new features from the single-line system to the redesigned funnel.


The efficient setting and the safe retrieval of a big downwind sail has never been so simple.


With its low friction cloth and high quality fittings, you can sense the engineering of the product in every detail.


Our WINGAKER SOCK is also suitable for conventional spinnakers and gennakers.





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